Sell More Books By Creating Visual Content

by M. Shannon Hernandez As a content strategist, my primary goal is to help my clients develop content which is engaging and entices readers to take action. Valuable content cannot be overlooked when one is building a brand—as quality content helps establish you as an expert, shows your distinct personality, and builds relationships with your prospects. If you are an author and you are working to build your platform, and secure more book sales, then you have a brand. And when you have a … [Read more...]

Ten Steps For Making Your Book An Amazon Bestseller by Mili Fay

by Mili Fay I recently had my first book launch. Thanks to my friends, followers, and D’vorah Lansky’s amazing Book Marketing Boot Camps Facebook Group I did manage to rank #1 on several Amazon Bestseller lists in Top 100 Free categories, and then the next day I remained ranked #3 in Top 100 Paid--Zoos’ category, and #30 in Top 100 Paid--Animals’ category. Not bad for an unknown, first-time author. So, how do You make it to the Amazon’s Bestseller List? You need to create a successful … [Read more...]

My Second Podcast and How I Created an iTunes Podcast Account in 30 Seconds

by D'vorah Lansky For someone who has been wanting to produce a podcast for years, I am amazed at how EASY it really is! Today I recorded my second podcast, before my feet even hit the floor in the morning. I can see developing a new habit of producing daily three-minute podcasts. When I was introduced to the new podcasting software, Audello, I didn't know what to think about it. Now after having used it and studied all of the incredibly helpful tutorials, I'm ready to go full steam ahead. … [Read more...]

Clear Your Mind and Clear Your Desk with an Author Brain Dump Exercise

by D'vorah Lansky One of my favorite organizing activities is what I call a "brain dump" exercise. When I first participated in this exercise, in around 2008, I was working many hours, but I was not earning "many dollars." After participating in the brain dump exercise, my business exploded. Within six months of filling out my first worksheet I went on to publish my first book, launch my first course, and celebrate my first $1,000 month in online earnings. Here's how it works... I … [Read more...]

3 Vital Questions to Build Website Impact

by Donna K. Fitch Why do you have a website? What a silly question. We have websites because we’re supposed to. Everyone else does, right? But a website without thought behind it, without intentionality, may be doing you more harm than good. Professional web designers ask their clients a series of questions before they do any design work. Improve your website by asking yourself these three questions: 1. What do you want to accomplish with your website? It’s so tempting to pile cool … [Read more...]

What’s a Video Book Trailer?

by Kathryn Alexander As an author I was a bit put off when I learned that some folks are using a book trailer to advertise their book. I wasn’t even sure what a ‘trailer’ was. I learned that a ‘trailer’ was a short video, but that didn’t make me excited – it made me a bit discouraged and dismissive. I was a writer, how was I supposed to get a book trailer? Just exactly what was in a book trailer – how would that apply to me – a non-fiction writer? I had way more questions than answers. I’m … [Read more...]

Book Marketing Round Up – Virtual Book Tour Articles and Success Tips

by D'vorah Lansky A virtual book tour is much like an in-person book tour except you "travel" from blog to blog or site to site, across the Internet, versus venue to venue geographically. In this month's book marketing round up you have access to a collection of virtual book tour articles and success tips! Enjoy and feel free to share your thoughts and post your questions. Guest blogging is where you "travel" to a blog and share an article as a guest blogger (guest author.) They key is to … [Read more...]

Sara Hathaway – Virtual Book Tour for Day After Disaster: A Crash Course in Marketing 101

When Day After Disaster was finally completed and the publisher was chosen, I was launched into the book-marketing world. I quickly found a use for the business management skills I studied in school. I had fine-tuned them in various positions before I became a published author but I had never worked for my own business.  Even with the slight advantage of a business background, it has been an enthralling adventure full of knowledge to learn. More than anything though, I have met some outstanding … [Read more...]

Using Images to Market Your Virtual Book Tour

by Marianne Soucy In this article about marketing your virtual book tour I will have my main focus on images. Images are a powerful way of getting your message across, especially combined with text; and images are being used more and more both on blogs and social media. Create a book tour banner The first image you need to create for promoting your virtual book tour is a book tour banner. There are several ways you can create a book tour banner; one that is often used is vertical (tall … [Read more...]

Tips for Promoting Your Virtual Book Tour

by Liesel Teversham A hot tip I learnt during my first Virtual Book Tour came as a result of inadvertently leaving out this important detail. The point of a “first” in anything is to gain experience in this type of activity and to learn from any possible mistakes we may make. It’s great to realize that we don’t have to be perfect at our first attempt of a book tour. The purpose for our tour is to gain exposure, reach readers, and sell books. It does help to have as many pieces of the puzzle … [Read more...]

5 Must Know Tips to Marketing Your Virtual Book Tour

by Sara Hathaway Virtual Book Tours are an essential way for new authors to gain traction in the marketplace. So, what is a Virtual Book Tour? Just a decade ago, when an author wanted to show off their latest piece of work to an interested audience they would have to pack up their bags and boxes of books and travel around the country from book store to book store to try to find them. Nowadays with the explosion of technology and information sharing, there are thousands of people on the … [Read more...]

Our Virtual Book Tour Author Page and Hall of Fame Page

by D'vorah Lansky Guest blogging is where you "travel" to a blog and share an article as a guest blogger (guest author.) They key is to focus on being featured on blogs that attract your target audience and that you write articles which would be of interest to your target audience. In this post we are featuring the guest blog posts of our Virtual Book Tour Boot Camp members. Enjoy traveling from blog to blog where you can read articles and visit the author pages, of authors in our … [Read more...]

Your Author Successes, Secrets, and Celebrations!

by D'vorah Lansky I've been hearing so many incredible success stories and have been inspired by the unique ways people are promoting their books. I thought it would be enjoyable and informative for us to hear from one another. Okay, let's "get this party started!" Do you have a book or author celebration to share? What have you done to market your book that is giving you traction? Have you participated in crowd funding for your book? What has helped you to reach the most people … [Read more...]

Streamlining Your Blog: Lessons Learned During the Blog Hop

by D'vorah Lansky Recently we hosted a community wide Blog Hop, where over 75 authors submitted their posts, on a specific focus. This focus was to share what the author learned during our Book Marketing Challenge, and how they would be applying these strategies to their books. By writing the articles the authors were able to see, in writing, how much they had learned and retained and by reading the posts by other authors, everyone was able to absorb even more. During the Hop, we "hopped" … [Read more...]

New Book Series Based on Guest Expert Interview Series

by D'vorah Lansky I'm thrilled to share that the first book in our "guest expert interview series" has been published. This series builds on our previous "Book Marketing Success Secrets." In Book One of this new "Build a Business with Your Book Interview Series," Sandra Beckwith shares Book Marketing Dos and Don'ts. In this interactive interview, Sandra Beckwith shares a powerful session on Book Marketing Dos and Don'ts. Discover where to focus your time and effort in this discussion … [Read more...]

Book One in the Build a Business with Your Book Quick Guide Series

I'm thrilled to share that Book One in the Build a Business with Your Book Quick Guide Series is now available on Amazon! Develop Your Author Platform is Book One in the Build a Business with Your Book Quick Guide Series. In this book we’ll be exploring a variety of ways you can gain more visibility as you develop your online presence. While there are many ways that you can develop your author platform, we’ll be focusing on three primary areas; your blog, your Facebook author fan page and … [Read more...]

Book Two in the Build a Business with Your Book Quick Guide Series: List Building for Authors

Book Two in the Build a Business with Your Book Quick Guide Series is now available on Amazon! List Building for Authors is Book Two in the Build a Business with Your Book Quick Guide Series. In this Quick Guide, you'll learn about list building for authors and you'll discover the exact steps to effectively set up and your a list for your subscribers! The lifeblood of your online business is your "list!" Your list refers to your email subscribers and building a list provides you with ways to … [Read more...]